Tekamolo is taking a big step in translation services with artificial intelligence.

Our improvements

We are a group of innovative engineers, developers, mathematicians and linguists. Together, we are developing an artificial intelligence translation tool through the implementation of machine learning and deep learning,such as utilizing neural networks and natural language.

Meet Hanson

Hanson is an artificial intelligence unit that makes translating more efficient. Hanson can distiguish between patents, news stories andrecipes in the same language quickly and with a more precise vocabulary in comparison to other current online translators.

In order to ensure that hanson is doing its job properly, our translation community helps ensurethat the document is correct as well as creating identical copies of it.

More faster

Now, with our tool, translators can deliver high quantities of projects in less time.

More accurate

Hanson is still being developed, and during this development, hundreds of translators and native speaker editors feed it with thousands of idioms and words that give more precise translations than traditional online translations generators.

More efficient

Our tool will gradually allow the establishment of one fee per language, making the price more accessible.

Hanson’s record

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